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Participants are asked to arrive at 8:15 AM to process registration*


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H2S Alive


*does not include online booking fee or GST


Hydrogen Sulphide (H2S) is an extremely deadly gas! This course is intended for all workers in the petroleum industry, employed in environments with the risk of potential H2S exposure. The primary focus is to help people work safely in and around H2S environments.  H2S gas is present during oil and gas exploration but can also be found in the pulp and paper industry, sewage treatment facilities, landfills and in farming operations.  

Topics include:

  • H2S properties

  • Health hazards and locations

  • Hazard assessment and control

  • Respiratory protective equipment

  • Detection of H2S

  • Initial response strategy

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First Aid 


*does not include online booking fee or GST


First Aid is a course for everybody. This course is required by OH&S for all those working in most industrial applications. Red Cross and St John Ambulance first aid courses are suitable for anyone in the workplace looking to meet the required Occupational Health and safety standards or those interested in understanding the basics of emergency response.  The primary focus is preparation and response to medical emergencies whether it be in the workplace at home or out in the field.

Course Options:

Emergency/Basic first aid: One day course covering life threatening emergencies, and the first aid to care for them.  Also covers use of Automated External Defibrillators or AED's. (Level A CPR covers adult resuscitation, Level C CPR covers adult child and infant resuscitation)


Standard/Intermediate First Aid:  This is a two day course covering the Emergency First aid for threats to the life, as well as basic first aid for many different injuries and illnesses. The Standard level C is our main offered course.  Participants taking part in either the one or two day course, at our facility, will complete with the Level C CPR.  Other topics include: Wound Care, Sudden medical emergencies, Mental Health Awareness, Poisons, and much more.

First Aid Recertification:  A one day recertification course.  Participants are encouraged to download the applicable first aid app and read up on the skills prior to the course. This course is ONLY for the two day Standard/Intermediate first aid.  Participants must send a valid copy of their current First Aid Certification.  Expired certificates will not be accepted for recertification courses

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Common Safety Orientation


*does not include online booking fee or GST

The CSO is aimed at new workers in the oil and gas industry. It introduces workers from all sectors to safe work practices and incorporates Energy Safety Canada’s 10 Life Saving Rules, which are based on addressing the most at-risk behaviours. There is no recertification requirement for this course.

This course is taken at the Coulee Creek Office online.  Call to book at time.   

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Fall Protection


*does not include online booking fee or GST

Anyone who is required, by policy or legislative standards, to utilize a fall arrest or fall protection equipment in the workplace, must be certified to work at heights. This covers a broad spectrum of job titles based on the type of environments they work in. Examples would include; roofers, electricians, construction workers, Arborists, boilermakers, scaffolder’s, power engineers and millwrights.


Topics Include:

  • Provincial legislation

  • Equipment; inspection, usage, and maintenance requirements

  • Fall protection systems

  • Fall protection planning

  • Documentation

  • Hazard assessment Control and Reporting



As stated in the OH&S code part 9, a worker must be using fall protection if they are at risk of falling:

  • A vertical distance of 10ft (3m) or more

  • A vertical distance of less than 10 ft. (3m) if there is an unusual possibility of injury

  • Into a hazardous substance, object, or through an opening in a work surface


Confined Space and Basic Rescue


*does not include online booking fee or GST

Confined spaces can be above or below ground, and can be found in almost any workplace. A confined space, despite its name, is not necessarily small. Examples of confined space include silos, vats, hoppers, utility vaults, tanks, sewers, pipes, access shafts, tank trucks, rail tank cars, boilers, manholes, manure pits and storage bins. Ditches and trenches may also be confined space when access or egress is limited.  A Basic Rescue awareness ticket is added to this program, and includes basic rescue drags/carries and rescue hazard awareness.  Rescue practical exercise is done with all participants equipped with SCBA's performing basic rescue procedures in a simulated confined space.


Topics include:

  • Legislation

  • Roles & Responsibilities

  • Hazard Assessment and Control

  • Emergency Planning & Preparedness

  • Confined Space Levels

  • Entrant/Monitor Responsibilities

  • Employer/Worker Responsibilities

  • Basic Rescue Techniques and Awareness.


Ground Disturbance 201

*does not include online booking fee or GST

This is a supervisory course that is approved by the Utility Safety Partners.  The USP is the industry recognized certification body for ground disturbances.  No matter where you take your ground disturbance training, be sure it is USP approved! Participants are encouraged to keep their learning materials, as this course is a wealth of information and legislation! We all have the responsibility to know which regulations apply to our health and safety at all times!

Topics Include:

  • Keys to Safe Ground Disturbance

  • Damage Prevention

  • Ground Disturbance Planning

  • Preparing for a Ground Disturbance

  • Execution and completion of Ground Disturbance

  • Safe Approach distances for underground facilities and overhead powerlines

  • Ground Disturbance Code of practice

  • Trenching Awareness, Soil types, and stability

  • Environmental Protection

  • Emergency Response Planning

  • Best practices publications from industry groups such as the USP, and more!




*does not include online booking fee or GST

This is a self study course to take home.  Upon completion of the WHMIS package, participants bring the exam back for marking and certification.  Self study and in class options provided by DANATEC.  We also have this option available through our online training.  Book can be picked up the Coulee Creek Office.



*does not include online booking fee or GST

This is a self study course to take home.  Upon completion of the TDG package, participants bring exam back for marking and certification.  Self study and in class options are provided by DANATEC.  Participants have this option available through our online training.  Book can be picked up the Coulee Creek Office.


*does not include online booking fee or GST


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